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Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell's Fantasy Calendar 2010 | Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell

Category: Calendars   Tags: Fantasy Art, Illustration, Dragons, Science Fiction Art, Future, Mythology, Legends

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell's Fantasy Calendar 2010 by Boris Vallejo

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Product details:

Calendar: 28 pages

Year: 2009

Illustrator: Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell

Author: Anthony Palumbo

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company

Language: English

Product description:

Truly fantastic! Boasting legions of loyal fans, the Fantasy Calendar returns with another year of out-of-this-world paintings. Husband-and-wife artists Boris Vallejo, America's premier fantasy artist, and Julie Bell, designer of the popular Dragons of Destiny sculpture series, combine their formidable imaginations to create dark, swirling landscapes inhabited by ethereal unicorns, colorful dragons, and menacing monsters. Plus goddesses, fairies, huntresses and warriors, drawn with precise anatomical detail, captivating and fearless. An original story by C. J. Henderson, author of the Teddy London series, weaves the images together.

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