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Elric at the End of Time | Michael Moorcock, Rodney Matthews

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Elric at the End of Time by Rodney Matthews

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Product details:

Paperback: 128 pages

Year: 1987

Author: Michael Moorcock

Illustrator: Rodney Matthews

Publisher: Paper Tiger

Language: English

Product description:

Elric at the End of Time is a large format, illustrated novella with artwork by Rodney Matthews. It is a satire on the Elric series, featuring characters from Moorcock's End of Time novels.

“Elric at the End of Time” has had a chequered history. Matthews recounts, “The book was due to be published by Big O Publishing in 1981, alas, it did not happen. Big O collapsed under its own weight in 1980. Paper Tiger, an imprint of Dragon’s World, came to the rescue in 1987, publishing the 120 page illustrated short story in hardback and limpback.”

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