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The Art of Arantza, Vol. 1 | Arantza Sestayo

Category: Art books   Tags: Fantasy Art, Illustration, Gothic Art

The Art of Arantza, Vol. 1 by Arantza Sestayo

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Product details:

Paperback: 64 pages

Year: 2005

Illustrator: Arantza Sestayo

Editor: Sal Quartuccio

Publisher: SQP Inc.

Language: English

Product description:

Of the many supremely talented artists SQP has had the pleasure to introduce in its thirty-plus years of publishing, few have garnered the attention and affection of one particularly amazing young woman - Arantza! Her work continually stands out in a field dominated by men as simply drop-dead exquisite! Her sense of design, composition, and attention to detail is remarkable. Arantza's ability to make her subjects, as varied as possessed demons, vampire queens, and savage warrior maidens all have a unique quality of fleshy realism. An Arantza illustration is something you can easily get lost in! Here is a woman who knows how to create feminine perfection! The Art of Arantza contains the very best of her portfolio, and showcases her visions of beauty, horror, and erotica!

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