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Secret History of Hobgoblins (Secret Histories) | Ari Berk

Category: Art books   Tags: Fantasy Art, Children's Books, Fairy Tales, Folklore, Middle Ages

Secret History of Hobgoblins (Secret Histories) by Larry MacDougall

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Amazon.co.uk (English)

Product details:

Hardcover: 23 pages

Year: 2010

Author: Ari Berk

Illustrator: Larry MacDougall, Virginia Lee, Alan Lee, Gary Chalk, Fernando Molinari

Publisher: Templar Publishing

Language: English

Product description:

Third volume in the award-winning Secret Histories series, Secret History of Hobgoblins by Professor Ari Berk.

About the Author:

Ari Berk is a writer, visual artist, and scholar of literature, folklore, and myth. He has written everything from academic works on ancient cultures to popular books about myths for children and adults. A professor at Central Michigan University, Ari Berk has traveled widely and made friends (of all sizes) in many parts of the world.

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