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Magia, the Ciruelo Sketchbook | Ciruelo Cabral

Category: Art books   Tags: Fantasy Art, Illustration, Fairy Tales, Dragons, Mythology, Legends, Sketches

Magia, the Ciruelo Sketchbook by Ciruelo Cabral

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Product details:

Paperback: 64 pages

Year: 2000

Author: Ciruelo Cabral

Publisher: DAC editions

Language: English

Product description:

This magnificent volume, published at the beginning of the year 2000, features works that you won't see anywhere else: preliminary sketches and personal drawings from Ciruelo's notebooks. Ciruelo makes many intricate pencil drawings, to make sure the final painting will come to life. In fact, the finished painting comes directly from a finished pencil, which is transferred to the canvas. This book contains many such drawings and more. The Boli-Tek is a totally new technique developed by Ciruelo; it's also showed and explained in Magia.

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