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Dragon Art: Inspiration, Impact and Technique in Fantasy Art

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Dragon Art: Inspiration, Impact and Technique in Fantasy Art by John Howe

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Amazon.com (English)

Product details:

Hardcover: 204 pages

Year: 2009

Illustrator: Todd Lockwood, John Howe, Don Maitz, Janny Wurts, Ciruelo, Bob Eggleton, Larry Elmore, Matt Stawicki, Michael Whelan

Publisher: Flame Tree Publishing

Language: English

Product description:

"Dragon Art" is a stunning survey of amazing contemporary fantasy artwork, specifically of dragons - that most popular of fantasy creatures. The inspirational foreword is by fantasy legend and Lord of the Ringsfilm concept artist John Howe. The 'Masters of Dragon Art' section includes such favourites as Don Maitz and Bob Eggleton. A fascinating discussion of dragons and fantasy art runs throughout the book, alongside a large selection of the best work out there at the moment, which is interspersed with features presenting artists' works-in-progress, providing invaluable insight on technique. "Dragon Art" is an inspiration and a feast for the eyes.

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