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Cuaderno de Viajes de Ciruelo Notebooks | Ciruelo Cabral

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Cuaderno de Viajes de Ciruelo Notebooks by Ciruelo Cabral

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Product details:

Hardcover: 128 pages

Year: 2005

Author: Ciruelo Cabral

Publisher: DAC editions

Language: English, Spanish

Product description:

This book collects many ink drawings and texts that Ciruelo writes down when travelling.

"I like to travel and I like to draw, so it is natural for a sort of travel diary to emerge from that combination. These drawings are quite different from those that I do in my studio, since the surroundings have a strong influence on the artistic results, and the outcome of what I draw in airports, city squares, conventions or forests is so unusual that it often comes as a surprise even to myself. In those uncomfortable circumstances I can only work with a simple pen, a tool that is not as limited as it may seem. By the way, though some of these little tales may appear extravagant, they are in fact only real situations that when put into writing acquire a certain air of fiction. It could be said that this is a travel diary based on real events". - Ciruelo

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