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Midnight Echo (2011 NO.6)

Category: Art book series   Tags: Short Stories, Illustration, Horror, Interview

Midnight Echo (2011 NO.6) by Chris Moore

Product details:

Paperback: 120 pages

Year: 2011

Publisher: Australian Horror Writers Association

Language: English

Product description:

Nine stories are set in the far future and taking place in the distant reaches of space. Inside you’ll discover a strange world with a planetary ring forged from organic matter, bizarre aliens cataloguing and collecting humans to populate their idea of paradise, Lovecraftian horrors come to life in the heart of a comet, cybernetic monsters hunting humans in the hull of an abandoned star ship, and paranoid space explorers pushed to their limits at the frontier of an uncharted universe. This issue also includes the 2011 Australian Horror Writers Association’s Flash Fiction and Short Story Award winning entries.

The issue features an in depth interview with Charles Stross, one of the most imaginative and insightful science fiction authors writing today and interview with Chris Moore, world renowned British science fiction artist best known for his striking covers for Orion Publishing’s SF Masterworks series.

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Midnight Echo (2011 NO.6)
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